What Takeout Food Does To Your Body

What Takeout Food Does To Your Body

Food is either home-cooked or take out. Today take-out food and fast-food has taken over the world by storm. 

Why do we love fast-food? Or do we really love the food or just the convenience of it? 

Got guests? It's easier to get some take-out than cook and clean-up.
In a hurry? It's quicker to get some take-out than cook and clean-up.
Lunch at work and children's school? It's more convenient to just pick some junkies and go to the nearest fast food than cook and clean-up. 

It's always the convenience of how quick it is, of how stress free it is, of how easy it is to get ready food that you think of you have least forgotten the importance of a healthy meal shared with friends and family.

Are you really sure this is how you want your family's food to be? 

Do you really know what fast-food does to your body? Aside from the doubled expense, there are some health dangers that habitual take-out food put you and your family's well being at risk of. 

- Too much processed food and fast food can put you at higher risk of depression.
- Sodium, glucose and carbohydrate filled food makes you at higher risk of having headaches, water retention, acne breakout, dental cavities and tooth enamel breakdown. 
- Extra calories and trans fats contributes to weight gain that can put you at high risk of elevated cholesterol and increased high blood pressure.

The above being said, you should know that hand picked, carefully cleaned, and a well prepared home meal should definitely be a priority and not an option. Establish a meal plan, set a schedule and enjoy the benefits of having clean, healthy food. A trip at the fast food is fine once in a while, but choose to be meticulous with the food that you and your family takes by being hands on with your meal-preps.

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