What Do You Use a Culinary Torch For? [5 Perfect Options + Tips]

What Do You Use a Culinary Torch For? [5 Perfect Options + Tips]

Culinary torches are one of the most underserved but useful tools to have in any kitchen. Finding creative ways or even the best use for your culinary torch is a struggle some individuals may face. This often poses a straightforward question. What do you use a culinary torch for? Here’s some insight I can provide on this topic.

So, what do you use a culinary torch for? Culinary torches can be used for any recipe that requires melting, crisping or hardening of a topping or even the main dish. Culinary torches are specifically useful for recipes such as Crème Brulee as well as roasting peppers and melting cheese.

What we just listed out above is only a few of the options you have if you are an individual who just purchased a culinary torch or someone who is currently looking to find the best culinary torch.

If you stick around for the next 2-3 minutes, I can give you a full in-depth overview of some more creative, useful, and fantastic ways you can implement your culinary torch into your cooking adventures.

Here are the details to know.

The Culinary Torch and It’s Primary Strengths

As stated before, culinary torches certainly have areas where they shine and provide more benefits than others. Often this is going to be when you need a recipe that requires melting, crispness, or even hardening a layer of a topping of a dessert or fruit dish.

Culinary torches are used as a primary tool in most professional kitchens but can also be an important tool to use in your kitchen for an affordable price if you do some initial homework and research to find the best culinary torch.

In fact, we have a post that discusses the best culinary torch that you can purchase that you can read here.

5 Useful Ways to Use a Culinary Torch Like a Professional

Below is going to be a few more ways to put that culinary torch to use.

While plenty of other great ways do exist to use your torch, these are undoubtedly popular and a great place to start to learn the ropes of how to cook to perfection with your culinary torch.

I assure you that after a few attempts and trying different recipes, you will have plenty of options and tips that you can add to this post (be sure to drop a comment below at the end of this post when you reach this point.)

#1- Roasting Peppers for Any Dish

Roasting peppers is a fan favorite and great use of a culinary torch. It allows you to crisp up the outside layer that’s thick and stubborn while leaving the soft and flavorful traits remaining on the inside of the pepper.

A good pick and top option to get the best use from your culinary torch.

#2- Making Smores For the Neighborhood Gathering

We all know the feeling. The open fire pit is just sometimes too challenging to get the perfect melting point for the chocolate. Use a culinary torch instead.

You can give yourself a more significant distance such as 8-10 inches and allow yourself to get those smores into a top-notch serving state.

#3- Melting Cheese for A Variety of Meals

Melting cheese can be suitable for just about any meal.

Microwaves don’t get the job done that well and using an open cooktop isn’t always the easiest or most friendly approach to take if you are looking for minimal cleanup.

Instead, lean on a culinary torch to melt your cheese for any topping to enhance any dish or recipe.

This is perhaps one of my favorite methods and uses for a culinary torch that I like to mention.

#4- Taking a Fruit Cup to the Next Level

Take the time to make the granola on top of your fruit cup a bit crisper or appealing for you or the guest coming in for the weekend.

Regardless, melting fruit toppings and taking them to the next level is a great way to get some frequent use out of your culinary torch so it’s not just collecting cobwebs in the bottom kitchen cabinet.

#5- Making a Cocktail Top Notch for Happy Hour

Ever seen the smoked-out glasses serving the perfect cocktail at happy hour? Well, guess how they accomplish this in most situations?

That’s right. A culinary torch.

It works great and is an excellent option to spice up any cocktail or make you look a seasoned pro when serving drinks to the family, friends, and neighbors.

Don’t get Overly Picky with How You Use a Culinary Torch

Another big key to getting the most out of a culinary torch is not to get overly picky. Don’t’ overthink it and test alternative recipes and potential food items that you can use your food torch on.

It’s impossible to know what recipe will be enhanced and which recipe is worth leaving alone. Some individuals get the most use and fun from their culinary torch by simply trying new things.

You should do the same and keep your torch active and busy. For the price of a reliable and top-notch culinary torch will cost you, it’s silly for everyone not to have one sitting around and ready for use in their kitchen.

In Summary, The Sky is The Limit with Any Culinary Torch

As you can see, culinary torches have unique strengths and creative uses. It’s up to you to find what works best for the recipes you often throw together.

Nonetheless, you should have no shortage of great uses or ideas that can be sparked and can allow you to take a recipe to the next level using a reliable culinary torch.

When you have options that range from roasting peppers to making a cocktail look perfect for the guest, its clear why culinary torches find themselves in so many kitchens across the world.

Business and personal use I might add.

The sky is the limit. All you must do is give one a try. Best of luck with your recipes and cooking.

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