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The Versatility of Cream Whippers and Why You Should Have One

If you’re like me, the secret to cooking is getting started. It’s true, I like to cook but getting down to it can be the hardest part of the entire process. On the other hand, when I stumble upon kitchen tools as fun and versatile as cream whippers, it can make things a whole lot more interesting.

But what’s so “fun” about cream whippers?

Well, cream whippers use pressurized gas to inject air into the cream and when this air mixes with the liquid, it produces a delightful foam. Now, the internal workings of a cream whipper mean very little to me, but watching the actual process is just so damn satisfying!

And think about it: 

Your fear of the whisk is cured and you have this super fun tool to get the job done faster.

But what can cream whippers do exactly?

The Versatility of Cream Whippers

In spite of the name, cream whippers can whip just about anything into shape. At least that’s what happens in my own kitchen!

For example, I will often use cream whippers to create a sauce, cappuccino, milkshakes, dessert toppings, and even fruit drinks. As if that’s not enough, the cream whipper is my secret weapon when it comes to ranch dressing and my “world famous cheesecake”, that honestly, I simply couldn’t make without one!

With cream whippers, you can turn a simple meal into something more extravagant in a matter of minutes. In fact, using a cream whipper to mix up some sauce is how I add character to every meal and turn seemingly average meals into something to remember. Needless to say, I do the very same for desserts and we all know that creamy toppings are always a welcome on banoffi pie or blueberry tart. 

The point is, cream whippers get the job right every time, which is more than I can say for my track record with the whisk. 

Why You Should Want a Cream Whipper At Home

In case you might be asking yourself, cream whippers avoid using fatty stabilizers such as gelatine, which means they can chill instantly and offer a much cleaner taste later on. What’s more, the air inside this mixture means that it also sticks to food better and this improves the overall taste.

As if that’s not enough, cream whippers are quite an attractive kitchen tool with sleek, aluminum material and a design that can fit seamlessly into any kitchen environment.

But what does this mean for you?

Well, cream whippers can make life in the kitchen more enjoyable and even more healthy but this is also a very compact tool. And let’s be honest; space matters in the kitchen and I just love the fact that cream whippers are as easy to store, as they are to use. No wonder so many chefs and restaurants have them in their kitchens!

The truth is, I’m not usually one to gloss over the finer details of a kitchen tool but I think we can agree that the versatility of a cream whipper is more than enough reason to replace the whisk and add this super fun tool to your kitchen.


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