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Shocking Facts About School Lunches

Parents, be aware!

2 out of three middle school students who eat school lunches regularly are overweight or obese.

According to the unhealthy school lunches statistics released by experts, children who eat school lunches may have higher bad cholesterol or LDL than kids who bring their lunch along with them.

Most school lunches are heavily reliant on high-energy, low-nutrient-value processed foods because they’re cheaper.

In 2011, the US spent more than twice as much on air conditioning for troops in Afghanistan than on the National School Lunch Program and today’s childhood obesity rates reflect it

Despite mouth-watering online menu advertisements, New York City’s school lunches consist largely of processed food, with fruits and vegetables notably absent

 Kids who eat school lunches have a 29 percent higher risk of obesity than those Meal prepping at home and bringing their own meals

 Far from the mouth-watering culinary representations posted online, school lunches were highly repetitious, consisting mostly of processed foods and notably lacking in fresh fruits or vegetable

See below The online menu and the actual food snap from Zachary Maxwell's documentary.

(Snapshot of School Online Menu

(Actual Snapshot of the meal served in school)

No dishes were made in house - meals were essentially a tour of factory food.

  • “Two or more advertised items” were served only 51 percent of the time
  • “All advertised items” were served only 16 percent of the time
  • Pizza or cheese sticks were served 28 percent of the time, regardless of what the menu advertised

Pizza and Cheese Sticks are served 28%

 Besides obesity, a poor diet makes kids less academically competitive.

 20 percent lower test score where correlated with weekly ingestion of school food.

Eighty percent of public schools have contracts with Coke or Pepsi.10 Coca-Cola paid the Rockford, Illinois school district $4 million upfront and an additional $350K per year to sell its beverages in its schools.

All this without starting to emphasize on the amount of waste created by disposable trays in most schools

Here you can see a press release from  a few years back making the following statement :


As we can see from Zachary Maxwell's documentary snapshots they clearly haven't disposed the harmful styrofoam trays..

Zachary Maxwell Taking a snapshot of the daily trash generated by his school lunch system \

You have the unique opportunity (and responsibility) for teaching your child what “real food” is—particularly if his school is setting the opposite example.

 Teach your kid to Focus on eating a variety of locally sourced, organic whole foods, and consume a large percentage of them raw...

 Avoid refined sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup and other processed forms of fructose, sodas, pre-packaged foods and sports drinks.

 Make sure your child gets ample healthy fats, such as coconut oil, raw grass-fed butter, raw nuts, avocados, etc. Introduce your child to naturally fermented foods.

 You need to educate yourself about proper nutrition and the dangers of junk food and processed foods in order to change the food culture of your entire family.

 Children will not know which foods are healthy unless you, as a parent, teach it to them.....

 Poor eating habits at home, combined with poor food choices at school, may set your child up for long-term physical and behavioral problems....

 .... if your child is not getting an acceptable school lunch, pack one at home in your prep naturals containers to keep it fresh for them and help them to develop healthy eating patterns for life.

Also, developing a meal prepping habit utilizing reusable containers contributes towards taking care of our environment.

Prep naturals wants you to  feel empowered to take action towards protecting  your family and our planet !





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