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Meal Prep Tools That Make Your Life A Lot Easier

Meal Preparations have become a life hack for many house makers. Let's admit, time spent in the kitchen takes longer than it seems. For busy individuals, time is of the essence. There are two choices, either take away food or pre-cooked, meals. 

Since meal preparations have become a kitchen trend, you may be thinking if there's any way to cut the time you spend in the kitchen in half. What do you normally do when you cook? 

- Go to the grocery to pick your ingredients
- Prepare the ingredients - chop, mince, slice
- Start Cooking
- Serve
- Clean-up

I bet you can image which one's take the most time. Am I hearing groceries and clean-up. I bet I did! 

Let me share 7 awesome meal preparation tools that can help you get things done quicker. 

Egg Cooker

Get your perfectly cooked hard boiled egg without having to worry about the boiling time, water, etc. Eggs are almost a constant in everyone's menu, better yet have a partner to get the work done while you're on other things. 

Sectioned Storage Containers

Invest in sectioned storage containers for your everyday take away. Choose sizes that best for your usual meals and make sure they're dishwasher safe to make re-using quick and easy. 

Grocery List

Before you head to the grocery, make sure you already have your list ready. You don't want to go back and forth for forgotten ingredients and it will save you time while in the grocery. 

Meal Plan

This is a total life hack! Prepare a meal plan for the rest of the week so you know what to expect, what you have prepared, and you will know what you will need to buy when preparing your grocery list. 

Mason Jars

Keep your salads or oats fresh overnight. Best thing is, these mason jars are very affordable and available in your one stop shops. There are also varied sizes depending on your need.

Insulated Bag

If you want to meal prep, you should at least invest in a quality, reliable and sturdy insulated bag.  The handling of the food should continue from home to when you actually take it with you for your work lunch or when you go on a picnic. You need to keep the food in perfect shape despite time.


Spice it up to add extra flavor to your meal prep and make it special.

With these kitchen hacks, I am sure meal prepping will definitely take less time than usual giving you more time to do other things on the side.

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