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How Does A Whip Cream Dispenser Work? [Details + Tips]

Whipped cream dispensers are a versatile and often overlooked piece of kitchen equipment. Adding the perfect pillow-textured topping to a cup of fruit or any other dish is only one desired trait of the standard whip cream dispenser. Often, individuals have questions about the common uses of whip cream dispensers. How does a whip cream dispenser work? Here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, how does a whip cream dispenser work? A whip cream dispenser is a handheld and versatile piece of kitchen equipment which uses nitrous oxide gas to stir and release ingredients. The nitrous oxide gas released during the whipping phase creates small bubbles that ultimately creates the texture and physical appearance of the whipped cream on the finished dish or food item.

While this may be the technical version to the question, individuals are likely still curious as to how to use a whip cream dispenser practically as well as a few other common questions that arise.

Hang around for a few more minutes, and we will cover those questions in depth in this quick but comprehensive guide to understanding and using a whip cream dispenser like a pro.

Using a Whip Cream Dispenser

A whip cream dispenser doesn’t do you much good without some stellar recipes. This is your starting point for getting the most use from any whip cream dispenser. Once you have your desired recipe, you can begin by placing your whip cream dispenser on a flat surface.

Once you have your dispenser resting flat, you can now place your desired liquids and flavors into the dispenser. This is usually going to consist of the following items and ingredients.

  • Whipping Cream
  • Pure Vanilla or Powder Sugar (If Desired)
  • Additional Flavoring

When filling a whip cream dispenser, it’s likely and common practice that your dispenser will have a “fill to the line.”  This is the maximum amount of fluids and additional liquids you want to place into your dispenser.

You don’t want to overfill your dispenser to ensure it works properly.

Placing Your Dispenser Head and NO2 Cartridge in Place

Now that the liquids you desire are in place and on standby for use, you need to re-attach your dispenser head and place your N2O cartridge (whip cream dispenser charger) into the dispenser head.

This is what’s going to create that beautiful finished product.

The gas charger will have a charger head with threads on the whip cream dispenser. Once you have loaded your charger or cartridge, you simply need to screw the charger head back onto the dispenser by turning clockwise.

A vast majority of charger or cartridges are designed to be pierced once you have screwed it on correctly and to maximum depth.

This will typically make a hissing sound indicating that gas is now ready to release from the charger and that you have threaded the N2O tank properly.

Once you have heard this sound, gas has now been released into the dispenser and you are that much closer to use.

All that’s left is a few easy and quick steps.

Shake Your Whip Cream Dispenser Before Use

Once you have reached the stage of hearing the gas released into your whip cream dispenser, all that’s left to do is shake the dispenser vigorously 10-15 times.

You are now ready to turn your whip cream dispenser upside down at a full 180-degree angle.

Now it’s time to finally pull the trigger or extraction lever on your whip cream dispenser. This is when your dispenser will begin releasing your final mixture and final product.

Wondering What Makes Whip Cream Look So Pretty On TV?

Here’s the inside information you have been looking for.

All you need to do to get perfect and beautiful swirls within your whip cream is to swirl the tip of the whip cream dispenser slowly as the cream is released from the nozzle tip.

Yep, that’s right. Nothing too fancy about it and the dispenser itself is doing most of the heavy lifting for you.

If that all seemed too easy and you are still curious as to how the actual whip cream is created, read on for a few minutes.

We are going to touch on this bit of science next.

Explanation of How the Whip Cream is Formed

We just covered in depth how to use a whip cream dispenser.

However, several of you may be curious as to what is taking place inside of that dispenser to create such a perfect whip cream as an ending product.

Here’s how it works.

Remember when we added our ingredients in step 1?

Well, during this phase, it’s also advised to use a whipping cream with a fat content between 27-36%.

This is for a specific reason.

When you place the charged N20 cartridge into the canister, it immediately dissolves the cream mix you poured in initially into fat.

When you pull your dispenser lever, the whip cream dispenser is now causing the N20 to expand inside of the fat molecules which ultimately releases your whip cream through the nozzle tip.

Pretty cool, huh?

Although slightly complicated, it’s a straightforward and easy to complete process.

Once you have used your whip cream dispenser, it’s still imperative to understand how to clean it properly.

That’s the last topic we will cover briefly before sending you packing and on your way.

Cleaning Your Whip Cream Dispenser

Cleaning your whip cream dispenser is no more complicated than using the dispenser. For starters, you will want to remove your used cartridge holder and the tip of the dispenser.

To remove the tip of the dispenser, you can simply flip it over and remove what’s typically going to be a rubber or silicone gasket. From here, simply pull the head out.

Now you just need to wash the dispenser and the dispenser head with soap and water separately. Ensure that you clean the dispenser and dispenser head parts entirely and then allow all the parts of the dispenser to dry completely before it’s next use.

Once your components are completely dry, you can simply reassemble your dispenser and have it good and ready for your next set of cupcakes or fruit cups. It’s that easy.

Whip Cream Dispensers Are a Must Have for Any Kitchen

While whip cream dispensers may not get daily use, they surely serve a purpose and belong in every kitchen. Who doesn’t want that perfect cloud of fluff on some of their favorite dishes? With how easy whip cream dispensers are to use, assemble, and clean, it’s crazy not to have one around.

I assure you that for the cost that most whip cream dispensers will demand, it’s undoubtedly a product that will return you ten-fold your original investment. However, now is the time when I turn the floor over to you.

Your Turn to Chime In

Do you have any favorite recipes or uses for your whip cream dispenser? How about any additional tips or tricks of the trade? Be sure to share your stories by dropping a comment below.

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