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3 Easy Meal Prep Steps for Beginners

Meal prepping is a necessity, a hobby, a talent that not everyone are gifted at. The importance of serving clean, healthy meals for your family is a challenge for most homemakers. With constraints on time, finances and even the mere meal plan preparation can be a challenge. A challenge that can be solved in easy life and kitchen hacks that every meal prepper should know. 

Before we get into the preparation hacks, let us get into understanding the benefits of home-cooked, well prepared meals. 

  • Establish a routine at home
  • Time Saver - save a lot of time from having to cook everyday to the clean-up 
  • Eliminate Cravings - there'll be no time for craving and day dreaming. When you feel hungry, you can grab a bottle of salad or a pack from your stock

Always make sure that your meal plan is well thought of. This helps ascertain that you and your family enjoy the meals, thus, less chances of wanting to cook something else or buy something else just because you find your prepared food unpalatable. 

Now to the three simple steps every beginner should know... 

It's called PREPARE for a reason. Pre-cook your meals for a good 3-5 days. Make sure you prepare food enough for everyone so the purpose of meal-prepping is not forfeited. You can spare an hour or two from your weekends to do the preparation. Remember to prepare only what's enough. Too much of the food stored, can mean wasted food as well.

Write a Meal Plan. Your meal plan doesn't have to mean everything is pre-cooked. A meal prep can also mean having a menu/dish prepared, uncooked ready for when you need it. There will always be a day of the week when you'd want a newly cooked meal rather than a reheated one. Save some of each so you have options. 

Give it a burst of flavor with spices! Give your meals a twist so it doesn't feel like you've been munching on food on repeat. Leave a little touch of excitement with spices. There's not a need to overdo it, just find spices that you and your family love, sprinkle it over your meals, and have the dishes in pretty servings. You're good to go!

No one can tell you you can't just because you're just starting! Even beginners can make the best meal-preps perfect to save money and time for a healthy happy tummy!

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