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What is The Best Culinary Torch For Crème Brulee [Best Options]

If you are a fan of crème brulee and make it often, you likely have had questions about how to elevate your craft.

Taking crème brulee to perfection is the name of the game.

If that’s the case, it’s likely not possible without a trusted culinary torch.

This leaves individuals often asking a specific question.

What’s the best culinary torch for crème brulee?

Here’s my opinion on this topic.

So, what is the best culinary torch for crème brulee? Crème brulee doesn’t require any specific culinary torches. Any culinary torch is capable of heating crème brulee to desired temperatures. However, you should avoid using other methods such as outdoor lighters or other torches for crème brulee for maximum results.

Oh yeah, I’m not kidding in the slightest.

It’s common that individuals attempt to use other lighters to torch their main dishes.

Why do they do this?

I’m honestly not too sure.

Especially with how cheap culinary torches can be purchased nowadays.

Nonetheless, this post was designed to point out a few basics and recommend a few culinary torches.

Using this post to guide you will not only help you find an effective and budget-friendly culinary torch but also help you to ensure you don’t make some of the mistake’s others make when crafting crème brulee.

Here are the details.

Using the Best Culinary Torch for Crème Brulee

Like we stated previously, any torch can be used for crème brulee.

If it’s a culinary torch of course which is also referred to as a kitchen torch, then you will be just fine.

Crème brulee is not overly complicated to make.

In fact, it’s not overly complicated to make crème brulee like a master either.

We have another post discussing some key tips to follow when using a culinary torch.

This would be the first step to check off the list and to make sure you have common practice down.

Which Culinary Torches to Consider

Culinary torches get much hotter than individuals may think or believe.

Over 2600 degrees F.

This is for a specific reason.

It’s what makes them so effective when you begin torching from the recommended distance.

This is typically going to be roughly 2-6 inches away from the dish you are attempting to melt, torch or caramelize.

This is also one of the reasons using other methods such as an outdoor grill lighter will never be effective for dishes such as crème brulee.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

In general, culinary torches are becoming an increasingly useful kitchen tool to always have around.

Here are some of the reasons why they are so effective.

Capable of Reaching Higher Temperatures

We mentioned this previously in the post but it’s imperative to realize that cooking torches are so effective because of their high heat output.

It makes no difference for the most part if you are using butane or propane.

If you are using an actual kitchen torch, your crème brulee has a chance to reach perfection.

The Ability to Craft Other Popular Dishes

I know, I know.

Crème brulee is perhaps the most popular use for a culinary torch.

However, many individuals forget all of the other great uses for culinary torches.

This can be a wide range of foods and dishes that include but are not limited to the following.

  • Cheese
  • Roasting Peppers
  • Tomatoes

The list could go on and on.

These are just a few of the primary examples but deciding to purchase a culinary torch can be beneficial in the kitchen for years to come and for a variety of primary dishes.

Plain and simple.

Way too Easy to Use

Let’s not forget how easy a culinary torch is to use.


It doesn’t get much easier than a culinary torch.

If you have the appropriate fuel for your torch and keep an appropriate distance from your main dish, you will be in great shape to take your culinary dishes to the next level.

No Real Danger is Present

Some individuals are worried about the practicality or if kitchen torches are safe to use.

The answer is yes.

Culinary torches are 100% safe to use and you won’t experience any issues when using them if you exercise some basic common sense.

When considering a culinary torch, the budget is clearly a top concern or most individuals.

Outside of these factors, look for a culinary torch with positive reviews, enhanced safety features and an easy to use design.

We may be tooting our own horn, but we are fans of our very own EUR-Kitchen Culinary torch.

It fits all the criteria that you from the best culinary torches and will surely get the job done.

Putting It All Together, A Culinary Torch Can Take Crème Brulee To the Next Level

At the end of the day, you can use a variety of brands and models for your culinary torch.

We do however recommend, as always, that you use an actual kitchen torch.

Don’t be one of the individuals trying to get the job done with a basic kitchen lighter.

Your Turn to Chime In

Do you have a favorite kitchen torch for making crème brulee?

If so, which torch is it and do you have any further recommendations?

Share your stories and drop a comment below.

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