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Your Meal Prep Journey and a Bonus Recipe

What are the dishes that I should prepare?
How much food should I prepare?
How long should the food that I prepare last? 
Will meal prepping not bore my taste buds over the same dishes the entire week?
When should I prepare the food? 
How long will it take me to prepare food for an entire week?

All these questions and more must be running in your mind when you started out with meal preparation and even until now that meal prepping's become a normal part of your routine. 

It's normal to be thinking of these things, don't worry! You are not alone. You are one of a thousand other enthusiasts who spend time, energy and dedication into meal preparation. 

Meal preparation is essential not only in making sure that you have ready meals for the week, for office or school lunches, dinner after a long day at work or even when you are on the go with friends and family, and least to say, meal prep is very important for health enthusiasts who go the extra mile to make sure that their food intake is in proper proportion in accordance to their dietary requirement. 


Before you drive to the nearest grocery, you should first consider thinking of what your recipe will be for the week. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • Will this be for you? If yes, what would be the dishes you'll never get tired of? Something you'll love to eat for an entire week? 
  • Will this be for your family? What are their favorite dishes so you can give variation?
  • Will this be for a small get together? How much people are you preparing for?
  • Do you already have your food storage containers?
  • Have you freed up some space from your fridge for your containers after you're done with prepping?
  • Do you have the list of ingredients ready?

If you have all these answered, you're good to go! Always remember to try to get everything in one trip to the grocery. You don't want to waste time and money on multiple trips for forgotten ingredients. 

Remember that meal prepping does not require you to be a pro! You just need the time and commitment to get your meal prep done for you and your family.

As promised, here's a recipe that you can try out! It's quick and easy, and it's definitely mouth-watering! 

Chicken Burrito Bowls

  • Slice your chicken, marinate in Mexican spices and pan-fry
  • Slice and pan fry your veggies in a separate pan
  • Cook your rice as normal (I always add a veggie stock cube for a taste sensation)
  • Serve with salad, mashed avocado, salsa and a sprinkling of cheese!





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