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7 Meal Prepping Hacks

Are you new to meal prepping? Do you need tips on how to make it a better, quicker, convenient process? 

Meal preparations are not as easy as it looks like.

Budget. You want clean healthy meals prepared without maxing out your budget.

Space. You need to make sure you have takeaway containers that will not take up so much space from your freezer and fit your bag. 

Menu. 7 different menus for the week multiplied by the number of meals. That's a lot!

Now to the 7 helpful meal-prep hacks: 

Shop Smart

Make a list of what you need. Avoid having to go back and forth. Remember that with each trip to the grocery you’re likely to pick things that you don’t need from the shelves.

Chop em now! 

With everything ready, you don't want to just throw them into the fridge. Start chopping. Keep them in storage containers in portions ready for use.

The Freezer

Make meals that can be shoved into the freezer. Freeze-Thaw-Serve. Add portions of lasagna, broth or pasta into storage containers. Everyone knows taking food in and out of the freezer can cause food to spoil. You want to save on time and money, spoiled food is a waste on both.

Get em Snacks Ready!

Instead of the junkies, make fruit slices or vegetable cuts in containers for your takeaway snacks.

Save Some for Roasting

Set aside some root vegetables for roasting. They make the perfect add on to your salad. Depending on your taste and preference, you'll need a little olive oil, salt and pepper. 

Get it Boiling

Boil some of the ingredients that can be stored in the freezer. With a good meal plan for the week, it's easy to know which ones you can boil, half cook or pre-cook. Do it in half the time!

Smooth and Easy Breakfast

Don't over complicate your breakfast preparation. Plan out ahead of time, make a list, prepare ahead of time. 

Try these 7 hacks on your next meal prep and see how much difference it makes.

Happy meal prepping!

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